While Japan enjoyed a high rate of economic growth after WWII, safety of chemical substances and environment pollution in our daily lives have surfaced as social problems.
Being fully aware of serious consequences of these developments, we, cosmetic materials suppliers, formed "Cosmetic Materials Council" in June 1974 with the guidance and support of government organizations so as to better service our customers and to meet the society's needs.

Later in 1989 when Japan's era designation was changed to Heisei from Showa, we renamed ourselves as "Japan Cosmetic Materials Association", made a fresh start and have remained active to date.
At present, we have a membership exceeding 146 companies consisting of sellers and producers of cosmetic materials including foreign concerns with operating bases in Japan, and our office is located in Tokyo.

Amid accelerated globalization, it is our future plan to step up exchanges with overseas and to continue making contributions to the cosmetics industry with the support of government organizations.

Takahiko Ikeda


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